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Nov 02, 2015:
New Lower Prices - San Marino

Nov 01, 2015:
New Lower Prices - USA

Aug 05, 2015:
New Lower Prices - Cuba

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Classic Call Rates

-Global Call Rates - Here.
These call rates are effective May 2015. Rates reflect incoming call cost, outgoing call cost, travelSim to travelSim and calls to voicemail. Enjoy!

Classic SMS Rates

-Global SMS Rates - Here.
These SMS rates are effective May 2015. !

Extra Call Rates

-Global SMS Rates - Here.
These Extra call rates are effective May 2015. There are a few destinations with extra rate, if You call from anywhere to one of these places, please add extra rate addition to an outbound rate.

Global Data Rates

-Global 4G Data Rates - Here.
These rates work globally and are per KB rates. Just configure your phone to use data and away you go. no subscription is necessary to use these rates.

Bundled Data Packages

-4G Data Bundles - See Rates Spreadsheet Here. Go to the Bundle Data Page Here
These data bundles are available for subscription. 1,7,14,30 day increments are available.

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